RANEPA (Timetable)

Mobile app

App to view class schedules for students NIU RANHiGS. In it, I realized all the wishes of my classmate – has a native widget support caching, color profiles, integration with Google Calendar and alarm clock. Now it is used by most of the students and teachers RANHiGS.
From start to finish the development of the project it took about four months. Also in the development of design and putting some in the App Store I was helped by some classmate whose names are listed in the appendix. After the end of the development of a few months I have become the repository application evaluated the open source community from around the world, and at the time of writing of this report to assess the project had been 15 developers.
Also, the project was sent to the call for proposals at the International Olympiad “IT-Planet 2018/2019” and took the 2nd place there in the direction of “Free Diploma”. 🎉😁