Personal portfolio site

Web app

The second version of the personal site with projects, achievements and more. This site was written in Nuxt.js - one of the large frameworks supporting current technology.
On this website you can learn about all of my projects, achievements, look events in which I had the opportunity to visit and listen to the music that I listen to in real time. In addition to the above it is possible to switch between dark and light decor and more.
Supported technology framework provides will support SSR, PWA, SEO optimization using JSON-LD and the Open Graph Protocol.
All site data is stored in the Firestore - free NoSQL based on Google data. To manage all the data I have written a separate mobile application on the Flutter.
The entire design was implemented mainly using Buefy - CSS framework for adaptation Bulma Vue.js. For the development of this site it took me about three weeks apart application development.