The NativePartialSheet is a library for SwiftUI that provides native support for custom presentation detents starting from iOS 15.0. This library allows developers to create and customize partial sheets in their SwiftUI applications.

Key features include:

  1. Classic isPresented way: This is the standard way of presenting a sheet in SwiftUI. The library extends this functionality to support custom presentation detents.
  1. Optional detent way: This feature allows developers to specify the detent (i.e., the stopping point of the sheet) when presenting the sheet.
  1. Advanced examples: The library provides advanced configurations for the sheet, such as setting the corner radius, controlling the visibility of the drag indicator, enabling edge attachment in compact height, controlling scrolling behavior, and more.
  1. Use with item: This feature allows developers to present a sheet with a specific item. The item is an identifiable object that determines the content of the sheet.
  1. Custom static detents: Developers can define custom static detents, which are fixed stopping points for the sheet.
  1. Custom dynamic detents: This feature allows developers to define dynamic detents, which are stopping points that can change based on certain conditions.

The library is highly customizable and provides a native look and feel for the partial sheets.