The second meetup from Yandex that I attended in Serbia, this time dedicated to one of the products of this company, Yandex Go. πŸš•

During the event there were several lectures, mostly about non-technical topics. Nevertheless, it was interesting to listen how the guys were solving business problems.

At the meetup I already knew a few of the participants, but I was able to make a few more connections, including from EPAM. At the end, we even took a group photo as a memento.

Separate mention should be made of the surroundings built by the organizers. Yandex always rents quite prestigious premises for its events, and this time was no exception.

On the whole, everything went well, especially if you compare it with the previous ones. The organization was at a decent level and the lectures were quite interesting both for technicians and for people not related to this kind of activity.