The second hackathon in my life. Our team consisted of only two people - myself and my programming teacher. It would seem that there is little chance to win anything in such a small team, but we did it. The whole hackathon was difficult and interesting for me, because I had to work with technologies and libraries that were new to me. The task for all teams was the development of image and video hosting in Flask.

Unfortunately, we could not finish the task before the deadline, so after submitting the work for review, I did not wait for the results to go home. Waking up the next morning the first thing I saw was a notification of a new entry in the group In it was a congratulation of our team for winning in two categories - "Best Quality Code" and "Most Secure Web Application". The conditions at the site were not bad, the temperature was normal, WiFi was not a problem and at night the organizers ordered pizza for everyone.