My second participation in this competition. πŸ… Like in last time I chose the "Best Free Diploma" category, but this time my project was of a completely different type. If last time the topic of the project was a mobile app for scheduling, this time the topic was the development of chatbots.

At the Olympiad I told about "Photobot" - a chatbot for photographers that automates the routine in their work. Fortunately I had enough time to mention the necessary details to appreciate my work.

As a result, my efforts were not in vain - in the final the judges put my project in 1st place and I won the grand prize. This was a set of a medal, an Arduino-powered programmable robot, a book about gamesdev, and career advice from HH. Also in the package was all sorts of merch - mugs, notepads, and so on.

To sum up, I was satisfied with the level of this event and plan to continue participating in it in the future.