A meetup formed thanks to a community of relocated IT professionals - IT Connect. Although this event did not have big sponsors and big budgets it was quite interesting. 🫱‍🫲

The theme of the event was startups and work in them. It would seem that for me this area was not very relevant, nevertheless the well-built program of the event made it interesting for me as well.

The schedule of the event consisted of several lectures and an interactive session at the end. During the lectures, roles in a startup, the experience of the participants, and the question of who should try to take part in this kind of activity were all discussed from different angles.

To be honest, the lecturers didn't manage to convince me to launch my own startup, but it was interesting to listen to stories about how someone attracted a ton of investment or made a fatal mistake.

The organizers did not have the question of choosing a venue for the event, as there were not many options. It was a small co-working place with Russian roots and a mini bar. Fortunately it was enough to cover the needs of participants.

When all the lectures were completed a promised interactive: people were divided into groups of 3 and offered groups to discuss the designated topics for 5-10 minutes. As soon as the time was up, the groups were mixed and the questions changed.

Thanks to this approach, each participant was able to get acquainted with a certain number of people and discuss topics of interest to him. I personally discussed the pros and cons of working in startups and relocation issues with several people who are still on my contact list today.