iOS development course


Nizhny Novgorod, 23 Rodionov St.

An iOS development course from EPAM. After taking this course, I was able to learn how to create mobile iOS apps in Swift. Also after the completion of the training program as a final project was developed messenger SmallTalk, which became my first big project aimed at iOS. The course took place in the format of lectures in the company office before the quarantine, and after the lectures were moved online. As we studied the material, we were given homework, which could be tracked on the site and sent there for review. By its usefulness I liked this course more than any other I have ever been on, because usually it was reduced to a regular listening to the lectures without any practice, but here the situation was nice - after each lecture students asked questions, presentations were with humor, and knowledge gained after each lesson was tested in the battle thanks to the homework. But, unfortunately, homework assignments were not balanced because of what many participants found it difficult to do. In general I liked the course because for me personally there were a lot more pluses than minuses.