Online Graduation from Github? Sounds like a prank, but in reality it's a unique opportunity to make your name in history as a graduate on this site, listen to cozy live broadcast, and receive a gift for free. πŸ”₯

In 2021 everyone who was active in open source, studied at an educational institution and was observant enough to fill in the application form in time was invited to this event. πŸ‘€

In my case I was lucky enough to be one of the first to register. This gave me the assurance that I would receive a unique card with information about me. To apply, I had to open a Pull Request in the event repository, and get my information into the ranks of other students. ✍️

At the event itself there was a live broadcast on Twich platform where two presenters discussed the news, communicated with the participants and congratulated all the graduates. I liked the technical side of the event without any complaints, as well as the atmosphere created by the presenters. πŸŽ„

In the end, I liked this event even though it was not any complex technical lectures or challenges. In any case, I had a great time and got prizes to remember me by. 😁