The third Devfest I've been to, but the first outside of Russia. I learned about it from corporate sources, because this time the event was not as hyped as in Nizhny Novgorod. πŸ’»

Why so? The case in the organizers, this time they were local guys. As in Serbia, such events are not very frequent, there was no marketing campaign.

Unlike the previous time the scale of the event was small, the whole program consisted of several lectures in one flow. Also most of the lectures were in Serbian, so I attended only one lecture in English by the EPAM representative Alexander Denisov.

As everything was in a co-working place not far from the center of Belgrade, there was not so much space, as well as people, but the atmosphere was quite pleasant. For example, during the breaks between the lectures all the participants were actively getting to know each other and discussing the contents of the lectures.

After the event, it was no less pleasant to sit informally in a local bar with several conference participants and taste different beers.

As I think it is already obvious I liked the event despite the reduction in scale and other nuances. I met several new people, listened to an interesting lecture and chatted heart to heart in an interesting company of like-minded people.