Epam Systems


iOS developer, free schedule

My first official work experience. I managed to get a job at this company after taking iOS development courses and an internship.

During the internship, I worked with one of the company's teams for the first time, closed many gaps in my technical knowledge with support from a mentor, and passed the technical interview for the iOS developer position.

The work process uses internal services from EPAM, such as Telescope AI, which I found quite handy, although I had no experience with any other services.

After joining this place I fully experienced how convenient and cool it is to have an LCA, the ability to get reimbursed for some expenses, the ability to get work equipment to choose from, and to enjoy the other perks of this type of work.

Unfortunately or fortunately at the moment all work is done remotely, so I can't share my impressions of offline work in the office, but the office leaves only positive impressions as it has just opened and has a convenient location and good conditions.

Although at the time of writing this post I have only been working at EPAM for a month, I can already say that the work, the team, and internal services for me there are no significant drawbacks, so this place can be safely recommended for development, for juniors for sure)

2/1/19 - now