Participation in this competition began with the recommendation of the teacher of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Two projects were chosen for sending - "Travel Quest" which took 20th place in the qualifying stage and "RANHIGS (Schedule)" which took 7th place in the qualifying stage and allowed me to get to the final and present all its functionality.

According to the rules of this Olympiad the travel of finalists must be sponsored by the universities they study at, so I was provided with tickets and lodging in Moscow for the duration of the final. The program of the final included a trip to Skolkovo, a lot of lectures and master classes and on the final day a closing ceremony and awarding ceremony for the winners. I liked everything: the tour to Skolkovo showed me what technological innovations have been recently developed in Russia, the lectures and master classes delighted me with their interest, and in the final my project was fully appreciated and awarded an honorable second place.