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Swift. The basics of developing applications for iOS, macOS and iPadOS

Василий Усов

A good book for an introduction to the Swift programming language which I read to prepare for courses on iOS development.

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Code Complete

Steve McConnell

The book is devoted to the basics of design and software development and is widely known in the professional community around the world. I chose it to be read to better understand the program and was more than satisfied.

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PostgreSQL for beginners

Лузанов П., Рогов Е., Левшин И.

This book got me through visiting meetup dedicated PostgreSQL. In the 150 pages of this book, the authors fit the basic principles of the database, information about specific software and more.

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Head First Java

Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates

This book I read to prepare for the IT School of Samsung, which has helped me in the future when developing “Travel Quest”. In it you can find all the basic knowledge of Java – the history of the language versions, the path of development and much more.