Nikolay Trukhin

Web & Mobile developer


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5 March 2020


App for iOS


Quick and convenient messenger for iOS inspired by the Telegram. The app was developed as final project in courses on iOS development from EPAM. The development was involved a team of four students, including me.

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19 January 2020

iOS development course

Nizhny Novgorod, Rodionova str. 23

A course on iOS development from EPAM. After completing this course I was able to study the creation of mobile iOS apps in Swift. Also after the end of the curriculum as the outcome of the project has been developed messenger SmallTalk, which was my first big project aimed at iOS.

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7 January 2020

Swift. The basics of developing applications for iOS, macOS and iPadOS

Василий Усов

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A good book for an introduction to the Swift programming language which I read to prepare for courses on iOS development.

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6 December 2019

Personal portfolio site

Web app

The second version of the personal site with projects, achievements and more. This site was written in Nuxt.js - one of the large frameworks supporting current technology.

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14 November 2019

GDG DevFest Gorky 2019

Russia, Nizhny Novgorod


This is the second DevFest which I visited. An event like last year, was held for two days during which it was a huge amount of interesting lectures by local and foreign experts.

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6 October 2019

2nd place in the final of the International Olympiad "IT Planet 2018/19"


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My first attempt to participate in the design competition, and this – what is the result. 🎉

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4 October 2019

Finale International Olympiad "IT Planet 2018/19"

National Research Technological University “MISiS”


Finale International Olympiad “IT Planet”. I was able to get through their project “RANEPA (Timetable)”.

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29 June 2019


Russia, Moscow


This hackathon was one of the most memorable of all because there was a very atmospheric - all were handing out foreign food, at night you can view the movies on the site were board games and much more.

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25 May 2019


Russia, Saint Peterburg


First Hackathon on the road. In it, our team Team13 for the first time in the first team was able to get the 2nd place.

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19 May 2019

Foxford Online School Certificate


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Certificate of online course on web design from Foxford.